Intercity has many clients specializing in foreclosure proceedings and we have adapted our services to provide more than just a market value appraisal. We keep detailed records of attempts to gain access to properties with a printable log available from our website. It is standard procedure to take extra photographs and provide clients with a fully descriptive analysis of activities on and around the subject property. Our fees are very competitive and our assignments can be as flexible as required by the client.

We are also very active in Division of Assets assignments whether for a single party or for more than one party as the “sole” appraiser.

Databases that are analysed by Intercity include the Real Estate Boards of Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Intercity maintains their own database from properties previously appraised as well as sales and listing information obtained from local residential realtors.

Intercity Appraisals employs a proprietary and state of the art Ordering and Tracking system that enables clients to create an appraisal order from our secure website and track it through the entire appraisal process. Features include: appraisers name, notification of appointment time, notification of inspection and estimated time of completion. Clients can retrieve appraisals directly from our website for at least seven years from the date of appraisal. Once the property has been inspected, clients can view digital photos and maps of the subject property on our website.

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